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Including all variants e.g. Marfit, Marfitt, Marfleit, Marflete, Marflight, Marflit, Marflitt, Masfleete, Mayrflete, Mereflete, Mereflit, Mereflitt, Merfflete, Merflet, Merflete, Merflett, Merfleet, Merfleete, Merfleyt, Meriflet, Mersflet, Mersflete, Mersfleet, Mirfleet, Mirflete, Morfleet, Morflete, Morflit, Morflitt, Smarfleet, Smarflete, Smarflit, Smarflitt, Smerfleet, Smerflete, Smirflit, etc. Family History

I (John K. Marfleet) have been researching MARFLEET Family History, world-wide, for over twenty years, and would welcome any related correspondence or information.

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  • It would seem probable that the surname MARFLEET (and the many variants) find their origin in the village of Marfleet [Doomsday Book - Meresflet] situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire, three miles east of the City of Kingston upon Hull (O.S. TA144293).
  • The place-name is a compound name being formed from the two syllables MAR and FLEET. The first syllable could derive from either the Old English term 'mere' which signifies a pool, or the Old Norse term 'marr' which signifies a fen or marsh. The second syllable derives from the Old English term 'fl믴' which signifies a stream, inlet or estuary. It is evident, therefore, that the place-name indicates a water-logged area on the northern bank of the estuary to the River Humber.
  • The earliest evidence of the surname yet found concerns one Sir Adam de MERFLETE who was granting property to his brother Simon during the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154).



MARFLEET Family History
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