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Marfleet's Straight-back Razor (368KB)
This razor was purchased through eBay on the 17th September 2002 at a cost of C$34.99 (approximately 14.20) excluding postage and packing. The person who sold it has no connection with the Marfleet family, the razor coming into her possession as one of a number of items purchased many years ago by her great-grandmother from various salerooms throughout Canada.

The name MARFLEET appears as a light scratch mark in the ebony handle, to the left of the right-hand rivet around which is a repaired crack.

The razor was manufactured by John Nowill (Nowell) and Sons, Nowill Cutlery Works, Scotland Street, Sheffield, a company who were established AD 1700. They first started making razors in 1842 and have continued so to do until the present day.

With no provenance is it impossible to say to whom the razor originally belonged, However, a strong contender must be Alfred David Marfleet who was a military man before settling in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He died without issue or known relatives in Saanich in 1953 when, presumably, his possessions would of been sold off to meet funeral expenses.

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