MARFLEET Including variants e.g. MERFLET(T); MARFLETE; MARFLIT(T); MARFLIGHT, etc. Family History

U.S.A. Guardianship.

When George MARFLEET
[G.023B-034] died early in 1911, his wife Effie M. MARFLEET applied to the court in Whiteside County, Illinois, for legal guardianship of their two natural children and this was granted on the 25th February that same year.

I was fortunate in having copies of all the legal documentation. I knew what had happened but for a long time, I could not understand how or why it was necessary for the natural mother of children to be required to apply for their legal guardianship.

The mystery was finally solved on the 24th July, 1998, when I read an article on the subject of guardianship written by George G. Morgan. The purpose of this page is, primarily, to act as a link so that other family historians and genealogists may understand more fully the implications of this important legislation.

To read George's article (this link is made with his permission), CLICK HERE

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