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MARFLEET Including variants e.g. MERFLET(T); MARFLETE; MARFLIT(T); MARFLIGHT, etc. Family History

Amendments Page

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Explanatory Notes:

  • This page has been designed to facilitate the easier identification of amendments and alterations to the Family Trees.
  • To go to a Family Tree, click the section heading.
  • To go to the amendment, click the reference number.
  • These amendments cover those made since July 1st, 1997.

  • Section Heading: Generations E to K
    02Fe2002 No Ref: Date of marriage added
    Section Heading: Generations K to Q
    Date Ref: Amendment Date Ref: Amendment
    04Au1997 J.043J age at death added. 19Se1997 B.007F added to tree.
    19Se1997 B.007G added to tree. 30Se1997 A.017B age at death added.
    30Se1997 K.073A date of marriage added. 15No1997 B.018H spouse added
    15No1997 Y.109H spouse date of death added 27No1997 J.094D spouse date of death added
    27No1997 Y.060D spouse full name added 27No1997 Y.060E spouse added
    27No1997 Y.060H spouse added 27No1997 Y.060J spouse added
    28No1997 B.106A added to tree 27Au1998 X.036A dates added
    27Au1998 X.036A spouse dates added 21De1998 B.019B 1891 Census added
    21De1998 B.021E 1891 Census added 21De1998 B.021F 1891 Census added
    21De1998 B.021G 1891 Census added 21De1998 B.021H 1891 Census added
    29De1998 C.003F Date of death added 29De1998 C.003F Spouse death added
    29De1998 F.002A Date of death added 07Ja1999 K.027A Spouse dates added
    13Ja1999 B.025C Date of death added 13Ja1999 B.025C Spouse dates added
    14Ja1999 B.025E Date of death added 14Ja1999 B.025E Spouse dates added
    14Ja1999 B.036A Date of death added 06Je1999 J.096A Age at death added
    06Je1999 J.096A Spouse added 05Oc1999 B.069C Date of death added
    14No1999 K.021B Place of death amended 14No1999 G.012A Date of marriage added
    14No1999 G.012A Spouse name corrected 14No1999 G.012B Date of marriage added
    14No1999 G.012B Date of death added 14No1999 G.012B Spouse date of death added
    14No1999 G.023A Date of marriage added 14No1999 G.023A Spouse name added
    14No1999 G.023A Date of death added 14No1999 G.023B Date of marriage added
    14No1999 G.023B Date of death added 14No1999 G.035A Added to tree
    14Mr2000 L.032A Date of marriage added 14Mr2000 L.032A Surname of spouse added
    20Mr2000 L.039A Date of death added 16My2000 K.031F Spouse name added
    16My2000 K.031F Age at death added 16My2000 K.031G Date of birth added
    16My2000 K.031G Date of marriage added 16My2000 K.031G Age at death added
    17My2000 K.031A Birth date added 17My2000 K.031B Birth date added
    17My2000 K.031C Birth date added 17My2000 K.031D Birth date added
    17My2000 K.031E Birth date added 17My2000 K.031H Birth date added
    17My2000 K.031K Birth date added 17My2000 K.031L Added to the tree
    17My2000 K.031M Added to the tree 17My2000 K.028A Deleted from the tree
    17My2000 K.022C Death date of spouse added 24My2000 A.005D Surname of spouse added
    11Mr2001 K.022C Date of marriage added 11Mr2001 K.022C Surname and date of baptism of spouse added
    31Mr2001 C.003F Spouse name and DoB added 18De2001 D.035B Name of spouse added
    04Ap2002 B.021A 1901 Census added 04Ap2002 B.021B 1901 Census added
    04Ap2002 B.027A 1901 Census added 04Ap2002 B.028A 1901 Census added
    04Ap2002 B.028B 1901 Census added 06Ap2002 G.012A 1900 Census (US) added
    06Ap2002 G.012B 1900 (US) Census added 06Ap2002 G.023A 1900 Census (US) added
    06Ap2002 G.023B 1900 (US) Census added 06Ap2002 G.034A 1900 Census (US) added
    06Ap2002 Y.087E 1900 (US) Census added 07Ap2002 Y.075C 1900 (US) Census added
    07Ap2002 Y.085B 1900 (US) Census added 07Ap2002 Y.085E 1900 (US) Census & spouse added
    07Ap2002 Y.113A Added to tree 21Ap2002 L.033F Spouse (2) dob added
    16My2002 G.023B Middle Christian name confirmed
    Illinois Death Index
    25Au2002 P.053A Spouse and date of mar added
    04Se2002 L.034D Date of baptism added from PR 04Se2002 L.034E Date of baptism added from PR
    20No2002 D.034B Second marriage added 20No2002 D.034B Ref. changed from G.050A-100
    20No2002 D.035K Added to tree 20No2002 D.035L Added to tree
    20No2002 D.035M Ref. changed from G.100A 20No2002 D.035N Ref. changed from G.100B
    20No2002 D.035P Ref. changed from G.100C 20No2002 D.035Q Ref. changed from G.100D
    20No2002 D.200A Ref. changed from G.200A 20No2002 D.200B Ref. changed from G.200B
    20No2002 D.200C Ref. changed from G.200C 20No2002 D.200D Ref. changed from G.200D
    20No2002 D.200E Ref. changed from G.200E 20No2002 D.200F Ref. changed from G.200F
    20No2002 D.200G Ref. changed from G.200G 20No2002 F.001B Spouse added
    25Ja2003 J.049F Ref. changed from J.047K      
    Section Heading: Generations Q to W
    Date Ref: Amendment Date Ref: Amendment
    02Jy1997 C.030A added to tree. 25Jy1997 B.104A added to tree.
    25Jy1997 B.104B added to tree. 06Se1997 B.104A amended.
    06Se1997 B.104B amended. 10Se1997 B.086A amended.
    10Se1997 B.093B added to tree. 10Se1997 B.093C added to tree.
    10Se1997 B.093D added to tree. 30Se1997 A.017B age at death added.
    15No1997 B.012B date of death added 15No1997 B.032A date of death added
    15No1997 Y.407A date of death added 27No1997 J.152C date of death deleted
    28No1997 B.106A added to tree 04Au1998 G.050A added to tree
    04Au1998 G.100A added to tree 04Au1998 G.100B added to tree
    04Au1998 G.100C added to tree 04Au1998 G.100D added to tree
    04Au1998 G.200A added to tree 04Au1998 G.200B added to tree
    04Au1998 G.200C added to tree 04Au1998 G.200D added to tree
    04Au1998 G.200E added to tree 04Au1998 G.200F added to tree
    04Au1998 G.200G added to tree 04Au1998 G.300A added to tree
    04Au1998 G.300B added to tree 04Au1998 G.300C added to tree
    04Au1998 G.300D added to tree 01Oc1998 L.042C Names added
    27De1998 A.036A second name added 29De1998 A.014B Date of death added
    29De1998 F.002A Date of death added 29De1998 K.030H Marriage date added
    29De1998 K.030H Spouse name added 29De1998 K.035G Date of death added
    07Ja1999 K.037B Spouse death added 07Ja1999 F.002A Spouse death added
    07Ja1999 K.030G Spouse death added 07Ja1999 K.037G Daughter added
    14Ja1999 B.036A death date added 14Ja1999 B.036A Spouse added
    31Ja1999 K.151A Added to tree 23Mr1999 J.151A Added to tree
    23Mr1999 J.151B Added to tree 23Mr1999 J.151C Added to tree
    29Mr1999 A.065C Added to tree 01My1999 B.117A Added to tree
    01My1999 B.117B Added to tree 01My1999 B.117C Added to tree
    06Je1999 J.096A Spouse added 06Je1999 J.096A Age at death added
    05Oc1999 B.069C Date of death added 14No1999 G.035A Added to tree
    14Mr2000 B.107A Added to tree 20Mr2000 L.039A Death added
    01My2000 K.051F Date of death added 21My2000 K.036A Place of death amended
    21My2000 K.036A Spouse year of birth added 21My2000 K.036A Spouse age at death added
    29My2000 K.030F Spouse date of birth added 29My2000 K.036B Second forename added
    29My2000 K.036D Second forename added 29My2000 K.048A Spouse added
    29My2000 K.048B Spouse added 29My2000 K.048C Spouse added
    29My2000 K.152A Added to tree 29My2000 K.153A Added to tree
    29My2000 K.153B Added to tree 10Se2000 B.200A Added to tree
    10Se2000 K.055B Spouse added 10Se2000 K.055C Spouse added
    10Se2000 K.071C Added to tree 10Se2000 K.154A Added to tree
    10Se2000 K.155A Added to tree 14Se2000 A.017C Spouse added
    14Se2000 A.026B Added to tree 14Se2000 A.066A Added to tree
    14Se2000 A.066B Added to tree 25Se2000 K.156A Added to tree
    25Se2000 K.156B Added to tree 14Oc2000 No Ref: Dates added
    14Oc2000 No Ref: Added to tree 21Oc2000 K.050C Death added
    25Oc2000 F.019A Death date added 28Oc2000 No Ref: Dates added
    28Oc2000 No Ref: Spouse added 28Oc2000 No Ref: Dates added
    06Mr2001 K.035F Dates added 06Mr2001 K.035G Dates added
    06Mr2001 K.035H Dates added 07Je2001 F.010A Dates added
    23Jy2001 A.067A Added to tree 16De2001 L.059B Added to tree
    02Fe2002 K.045C Date of death added 02Fe2002 K.046A Date of death added
    06Je2002 K.035G Date of birth amended 06Je2002 K.035G Place of death added
    06Je2002 K.057E Name corrected 09Jy2002 A.039B Full spouse name added
    09Jy2002 A.044A Congratulations! 20No2002 J.063D Age at death added
    20No2002 D.300A Ref. changed from G.300A 20No2002 D.300B Ref. changed from G.300B
    20No2002 D.300C Ref. changed from G.300C 20No2002 D.300D Ref. changed from G.300D
    14Ja2003 A.023B Spouse added 14Ja2003 A.068A Added to tree
    14Ja2003 A.068B Added to tree 19Jy2003 K.151A Middle name added
    19Jy2003 K.048A Spouse maiden name added 19Jy2003 K.151B Middle name and Spouse added
    19Jy2003 K.201A Added to tree 19Jy2003 K.201B Added to tree
    Section Heading: Abbreviations
    29De1998 BnbBC Burnaby, B.C. added 29De1998 MRgBC Maple Ridge, B.C. added
    29De1998 SnhBC Saanich, B.C. added 29De1998 VnnBC Vernon, B.C. added
    07Ja1999 SndAB Sundre, Alberta added 07Ja1999 GrPrr Grande Prairie added
    13Ja1999 Wstld Westland, Wayne, MI added 14Ja1999 Ronok Roanoke, VA added
    14No1999 RckFl Rock Falls, IL added 21My2000 DvsBy Davis Bay, B.C. added
    25Je2000 Brnly Barnsley - code changed 25Je2000 Brsly Broseley added
    14Se2000 Sydny Sydney added 14Oc2000 Wlmgt Wilmington added
    31Mr2001 Wthgt Withington added 21Ap2002 Blgbh Billingborough added
    16My2002 Stlng Sterling IL added

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