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Family History
Including all variant surname spellings ..... Marfit, Marfitt, Marfleit, Marflete, Marflight, Marflit, Marflitt, Masfleete, Mayrflete, Mereflete, Mereflit, Mereflitt, Merfflete, Merflet, Merflete, Merflett, Merfleet, Merfleete, Merfleyt, Meriflet, Mersflet, Mersflete, Mersfleet, Mirfleet, Mirflete, Morfleet, Morflete, Morflit, Morflitt, Smarfleet, Smarflete, Smarflit, Smarflitt, Smerfleet, Smerflete, Smirflit, etc. .....

Vicar-General Faculty Office Boyd's Marriage Index
Year Surname 1 Forename 1 Surname 2 Forename 2 Place County Reference
1559 MARFLET Mgt LILICO Thos Wootton, South NFK
1561 MARFLEET Tho COVELL Joan Wisbech St Mary CAM No Ref
1611 MARFLEET Walt LEMAN Reb Yarmouth, Great NFK
1611 MARFLETT Agn JERMIN Jos Tydd St Giles CAM
1612 MARFLEET Oliver WILLIAMSON Mary Dunwich St Peter SFK No Ref
1620 MARFIT Th DAY My York St Maurice YKS
1620 MARFLEET Geo LAWS Fran Yarmouth, Great NFK
1737 MARFIT Thos DAY My York (D&C) YKS Y.030B
1776 MARFIT Faith SKELTON Th Heslerton, West YKS
1790 MARFLEET Wm TAYLOR Hanna Wakefield All Saints YKS X.036B
1794 MARFET Mgt FEARNLEY Wm Horton in Ribblesdale YKS
1800 MARFLEET Geo STRAND An Cambridge St Andrew Great CAM B.005A-006
1801 MARFLEET Francis BRAMWELL Elizabeth Ann Ely Holy Trinity CAM B.005C-007
1801 MARFLEET Francis BRAMWELL Elizabeth Ann Ely Holy Trinity CAM B.005C-007
1810 MARFLEET An GIFFIN Jos Cambridge St Mary Great CAM B.005D
1820 MARFLEET Mary FORTIN Jn Cambridge St Edward CAM B.005E
1825 MARFLEET Sus KING Jas Braintree ESS B.014C
1825 MARFLEET Wm B SHILDRICK Phoebe Bottisham CAM B.006A-018
1829 MARFLEET Wm NORMINGTON Sara Cambridge St Andrew Great CAM B.006A-018
1830 MARFLEET Augusta OLIVE Dan Bocking ESS B.014F
1830 MARFLETT Augusta OLIVE Dan Bocking ESS B.014F

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