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Reginald James Marfleet


E Company was eventually organised into four Platoons, the layout of organisation being as under:-

Company Commander
Major E.W.H. Powell

Company Second-in-Command
Captain R.J. Marfleet

Company Adjutant
Lieutenant R.G. Bayes

Company Sergeant-Major G. Quartermain, D.C.M., M.M.

No. 14 Platoon
Lieutenant S. Hasler

No. 15 Platoon
Lieutenant W.E. Wood

No. 16 Platoon
Lieutenant J. Nightingale

No. 17 Platoon
Lieutenant E. Prentice, D.C.M.

Weapon Training Officer
Lieutenant W. Rainbow

Lewis Gun Officer
Second-Lieutenant W.H. Best

Early days in E Co. 12th (Northampton) Battalion. Sub-Section Leaders parade for orders. On the left is C.S.M. G. Quartermain, D.C.M., M.M., and, on right, Capt. R.J. Marfleet (second-in-command).

The Northamptonshire Home Guard, 1940-1945

"The L.M.S. Railway joined up with E. W. Powell as Commander and R. J. Marfleet as Second-in-Command,
while the United Counties Bus Co. formed a unit under J. H. Mills."
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