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Charles Andrews Marfleet

Sapper - Royal Engineers


With the declaration of war in 1914 Charles volunteered to join the army even though he was 35 years old, married and suffered from a circulatory condition. In 1917 he was training with the Royal Engineers at Aldershot and the following year was posted to Italy. Here he was engaged in the transport of supplies and materials to the forces fighting further north in France and Germany.

The accompanying lower photograph dated 7 December 1918 and taken in Genoa, shows Charles, seated in the middle of the front row and now a lance corporal, with fellow soldiers and Italians. The Italians are far left and far right on the back row and on far right seated.

Letters from official army sources state that the records from many First War veterans, including those of Charles, were destroyed by enemy action in 1940

Charles Andrews Marfleet 1914
Charles Andrews Marfleet
1879 - 1948
c.1914 aged 35 years.
War Group 1918
The Royal Engineers.
Genoa, 7th December 1918
L/Cpl C.A. Marfleet, seated centre.
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Charles Andrews Marfleet
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