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Darcy Marfleet


City Charity Worker Dies

The death has occurred at Chester City Hospital, of Mr. Darcy Marfleet of 330 Uttoxeter road Longton, who was for many years a prominent worker for local charities.

A former storeman at Swynnerton R.O.F. (Royal Ordnance Factory) and more recently a school traffic warden, Mr. Marfleet, who was 71, devoted most of his spare time to charitable causes. He was affectionately known, as a result of one of his many entertaining portrayals, as 'Charlie's Aunt'. During the First World War Mr. Marfleet gave concerts both at home and abroad and appeared with Reece Booth, the well known tenor, during the last war.

He leaves a widow, son and daughter. The funeral will take place at Normacot Church tomorrow, followed by cremation at Cormountside.

From an undated unnamed local newspaper. Darcy died 5th July 1964.

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